about the fuzzy mic

The focus of The Fuzzy Mic is, well, fuzzy. The content is all over the place. Episodes could include comedy bits, musical and artistic performances and other audio and video components. Each episode features a new conversation. That much is clear. But, with whom? Fascinating people. And that’s as concise as it gets. So, who defines fascinating? That’s the discretion of host, Kevin Kline.


Kevin Kline is a 25+ year radio veteran who currently co-hosts a morning show in Houston, TX. In addition to his radio show, Kline is also a professional ring announcer for boxing and MMA cards. Extremely active in his community, Kline co-founded a pediatric cancer non-profit organization called Snowdrop Foundation. He has run over 135 marathons/ultra-marathons since 2007.


Scan through the archives and view a full listing of The Fuzzy Mic interviews. Check back soon for new shows.

Ian Anderson

Rock Legend
Jethro Tull frontman, Ian Anderson promotes May 30, 2017 Houston show, the new Tull album. We also talk global terrorism in wake of Manchester Arena bombing and where Aqualung ranks on most memorable guitar riffs list.

Treadmill Karaoke

How to truly test your cardio fitness
Running on a treadmill? Been there. Running and talking on a treadmill? Done that! Now, there's something completely different for your cardio workout.

Matt Schlabach

City Acre Brewing
Houston brewpub, City Acre Brewing, celebrates their 1 year anniversary on July 1, 2017. Home of Fuzzy Mic host Kevin Kline's favorite coconut stout, owner and brewmaster, Matt Schlabach talks beer creation and craft beers differ from the conglomerate/mass produced beers.

Kelly Killpowski

Roller Derby
Houston Roller Derby - Since organizing in 2005, Houston Roller Derby has grown into a league of more than 120 skaters that sells about 1,400 tickets for each bout. Bouts are held on the third Saturday of each month during the season, which runs from March through September at Bayou Music Center

Juan Diaz

4-time boxing World Champion
The former unified WBA, WBO, and IBF Lightweight champion takes us inside the ropes and delivers a perfect description of what it's like getting punched in the head, shares a wince inducing analogy for the feeling of a facial cut, explains how one of the most famous boxing promoters of all-time probably cost him his perfect record and championship belts and promotes his upcoming fight in Houston on March 19..

Orry Martin

The Texas Snake Hunter
If you ever want to know what it's like to get bitten by a snake, how to not get bitten by a snake and why snakes bite at all, then you have to listen to Orry Martin. True to his mission, Martin shares the importance of reptiles to the ecosystems in which they live and dispels many myths about snakes. He even extends an invitation that may just change your mind about snakes.

High Valley

Country music duo, Brad & Curtis Rempel
A revealing and fascinating chat with Brad and Curtis about growing up in remote Alberta, Canada, the first time they heard a Michael Jackson song and you don't want to miss them going head-to-head in an International Accent Competition.

Ken Shamrock

Mixed Martial Artist & UFC Hall of Famer
"The World's Most Dangerous Man" chatted with us before his 3rd fight with UFC Hall of Famer, Royce Gracie. He had some interesting insight into his previous 2 matches with Gracie. Shamrock explained what went wrong in his Kimbo Slice fight and he spoke very critically of UFC President, Dana White.